• Hindi radio station in california
  • The Lew Electric L310-110BK is a black CAT5e RJ-45 keystone jack, each side is female.
  • Edit: thanks for pointing out the use of levitate against melee attackers! Good call. I checked up more, and it looks like it's only the drow that have the self-only restriction on levitate -- and because that was my first exposure to it, I kind of mentally locked in levitate as a spell meant solely to aid the target.
  • The Stinson L-5 “Sentinel” began life as the pre-war Stinson model 105. The model 105 was nicknamed “Voyager” and was built by the Stinson Division of Consolidated Vultee. When World War II broke out, the Voyager was redesigned and then entered into service as a liaison aircraft.

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Make a Leap, High Jump, or Long Jump and attempt one melee Strike at any point during your jump. Immediately after the Strike, you fall to the ground if you’re in the air, even if you haven’t reached the maximum distance of your jump. If the distance you fall is no more than the height of your jump, you take no damage and land upright.